Temporary staffing is a great solution for those companies who need a flexible workforce. If your operations are seasonal or you take on short-term projects on a regular basis temporary.

Staffing can allow you to operate at peak efficiency regardless of your workload we maintain a deep roster of potential temporary employees who are pre-screened and ready to begin work on short notice. This allows you to scale your staff number up when you need it without having unnecessary personal costs when thing slow down. 

We also provide labor-work for people who live in others countries to come to USA to get a temporary job. 

a) H2A visa for agricultural workers.

b) H2B visa for labor-workers

c) Humanitarian visa for supporting qualify country to help them to get a job.   


Many employers have spent dozens of hours screening, interviewing, and training a new employee, only to find that they’ re not the right fit for the company once they’re hired. This can lead to problems throughout your company as lack of productivity and poor morale build. Sodisa Agency’s temp-to-hire services allow you to avoid the hassle associated, and also gives you a probationary period so that you can be sure your new employee is the right fit for  your team. During this probationary period, Sodisa handles payroll for you, so that you only have to complete internal onloading processes when you’re sure you’ve found a perfect fit.



When you have an opening in a position that’s mission-critical, it’s important that you find the right individual as quickly as possible. When you’re responsible for running your entire business, it can be difficult to find the right person, and a quick decision can lead to the wrong hire, Sodisa Agency. Inc is always on the lookout for outstanding candidates. When you have an important opening to fill, we can immediately schedule interviews with candidates that we’ve personally screened and selected based on your requirements. This allows you to keep your company fully staffed so that you can focus on your business.